BP3015   ISA X 3, PICMG X 2 & PCI X 4  PICMG 1.0 for 4U Chassis

ISA X 3, PICMG X 2 & PCI X 4


 Features :
  • PCI Conforms to PICMG 1.0 Specification
  • Four ISA slots for full-size ISA boards
    ISA Conforms to IEEE P996 Specification
  • PCI Compliant with the following Specification
    Four 5V 32bit PCI slots for full-size boards on the Primary bus
  • Power Connector Supports
    ATX Standard Power connector: Max 5A for 20-pin
    Support AT Standard Power connector: Max 5A for 12-pin
    Support +12V、-12V、-5V、3.3V Power Connector
  • 4-layer PCB to reduce noise and keep lower impedance
  • Dimension: 218 x 257 (mm)

 Board drawing :
 Dimension & Mounting Screw Holes compatible with PICMG 1.0 Specification :


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