Click to enlargeCF1U-01 CPU Cooler for  P4 1U System Socket 478, 423, 603 Ball Bearing


High Density 67 Skiving Copper Fins
Copper Heat Sink Design for Pentium 4 1U Systems
Unique Mounting Mechanism for Socket 478,423, & 603
Ball-Bearing Fans For Extended Life

Description :

Copper Heat Sink Design for P4 1U Systems
The heat sink acts as a heat spreader throughout overall thermal performance.  Copper 1U heat sink base design for better heat conduction and faster heat dissipation.  CopperX 1U uses copper heat sink to enhance the cooling performance.      

High Density 67 Skiving Copper Fins
With Skiving technology, CopperX 1U presents 67 copper fins heat sink.  Unlike other heat sink fin designs, which have an empty zone to allow for the clip mechanism, this heat sink has fins between the clip levers to increase the total surface area.

Unique Mounting Mechanism
For user-friendly concern, CopperX 1U cooler was designed to fit your P4 systems.  With two pieces mounting kits, you can use this cooler on P4 socket 478, 423, & Xeon 603.  Four screws are tight on each corner for better balance and secure.    
Ball Bearing Fans for Extended Life
Bearing life is the main factor to determine the operating life of a fan.  CopperX 1U uses a high quality miniature ball bearing system, which can be operated with fan life expectancies up to 50,000 hours.

CPU Socket                    478, 423, & P4 Xeon 603
Rated Voltage                 12 VDC
Rated Current                  0.22 AMP
Power Consumption       2.64 W
Bearing Type                  Ball Bearing
Fan Speed                       4300 RPM
Airflow                           27.2 CFM
Noise Level                    38.0 dBA
Outline Dimension         70 X 70 X 10mm
Life Time                       50,000 Hrs

CF1U-01 ( discontinued, replacement model CF1U15)

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