LCDK1031 1U Rackmount Keyboard with 2 Button Touchpad, Made In U.S.A., TAA Compliant

Model  LCDK1031

                                                        1U  Rackmount Keyboard with 2 Button Touchpad
                                                                               Made in U.S.A, TAA Compliant


-1 rack unit high (1.75").
-PS/2 compatible keyboard and two button touchpad
-8.5" deep storage area behind keyboard
-Cherry keyboard option can be used with KVM
-Choice of front panel options (lock, retainer, blank).
-Slides lock in the extended position to provide stability.
-Ball bearing slides with mounting
 (length adjustable from 18" to 30".)


           LCDK1031-a                            LCDK1031-b



Keyboard -a: 104 keys with 2 button touchpad, cannot be used with KVM
-b: Cherry keyboard with 2 button touchpad, can be used with KVM
Depth 20"
Options Lock , Retainer
Standard Paint Color Black


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