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RAC361 - 3U Rackmount SCSI RAID Dual-port SCSI-to-SATA 16-Disk Intelligent RAID Storage System

Raid Storage System: Part # RAC361

3U Rackmount SCSI RAID Dual-port SCSI-to-SATA 16-Disk Intelligent RAID Storage System
  • Introduce The New 3U 16 Drives
  • Support Upto 16 SATA 3 Gbs Drives
  • A dual Ultra320 SCSI host connection port
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Built-in RAID engine
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Multi-Path I/O

� RAC361 Series Enterprise IntelliRAID Now Supports Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO) that integrates tightly with the Microsoft Windows� family of products and their architectures. High reliance on the Internet and e-commerce means that organizations are increasingly requiring that their data be available 24x7, year round. Multipathing, the ability of a system to use more than one read/write path to a storage device, is a high availability solution that provides fault tolerance against single-point-of failure in hardware components. Multipathing can also provide load balancing of I/O traffic, thereby improving system and application performance.

Power & Cooling

� RAC361 keeps your workloads and critical applications running 24x7 without hardware failure interruption through the deployment of intelligent and user friendly power and cooling management, specifically its redundant hot-swappable power supplies (2) and fans (2). As described by the testing engineer from hard drive manufacturer Western Digital Corporation's interoperability lab ". This system can compete side by side with some of the best systems that we have tested in our lab to date.".
Product Overview

� The RAC361 is the latest addition to the award-winning ULTRASTOR family with built-in RAID controller incorporated with latest RAID 6 algorithm for 24x7 mission critical applications. Utilizing the cost-effective 3Gbps Serial ATA disks, the RAC361 offers Enterprise-grade solution for applications that demand nothing short of superior reliability. Designed to address the challenges of high impact/high volume storage requirements, the new RAC361 is becoming the new standard for RAID protected storage. With hundreds of installations worldwide RAC361 product line has built a solid reputation in markets spanning from nonlinear digital video editing to emerging disk based backup & recovery infrastructures.                                                           
Feature & Benefits

  • Enterprise-class hybrid Serial ATA-based storage
  • Award winning design & reliability
  • 3U modular rack design easily integrates into existing storage infrastructures
  • Carrier grade enclosure facilitates regular maintenance
  • Optional remote monitoring and management over TCP
  • Next generation Ultra320 dual SCSI port interface
  • Extended storage management through RS232 interface, LCD panel or network
RAC361 Versatility

� Featuring two Ultra320 SCSI channels (DAS), the RAC361 provides versatility critical to a company's IT infrastructure. RAC361 is powered by a cutting edge 64-bit RAID engine which maximizes disk performance allowing for a broader range of storage possibilities. Built-in enterprise feature such as Snapshot makes the new RAC361 an ideal solution for professional storage applications such as Disk-to-disk backup, database pools, image acquisition, near line storage, data centers, media & asset management libraries and shared SAN networks. Dynamic on-line RAID expansion allows additional capacity to be added without total system downtime, increasing your department's productivity.

Appliance-based Storage

� RAC361 is a host independent storage appliance which provides a transparent and driverless method of adding additional RAID protected storage to an existing IT infrastructure, regardless of your operating system or hardware. The RAC361 is designed to easily integrate into elaborate SAN fabrics or point-to-point centralized storage. RAC361 truly offers a flexible and powerful solution that will increase your capacity, productivity and add unprecedented data protection.

Powerful Storage Management

� The new RAC361 offers multiple management options to match your workflow, and can be completely auto configured in minutes using the convenient rear LCD control panel, and monitored or reconfigured through a remote connection. A comprehensive menu screen facilitates the setup process and lets users reconfigure the system as storage needs change. An RS232 interface gives users access to advanced features such as multiple array settings, iSCSI parameters (connection mode, ID, LUN mapping, etc.) SNMP features and security options. A network interface is available for remote web browser based management and includes the essential tools required to manage and monitor your RAC361.

                            � Technical Specification
� Form Factor � 3U 16-Drive Rackmount
� HDD Interface � SATA II 3Gb
� RAID Level � RAID 0,1,3,5,6
� Hot Channel � SCSI
� Number of Disks Supported � Up to 16
� Disk (Capacity) Expansion � None
� Power Supply � Redundant 2x460 Watt


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